Ellen King - BEng (Chemical) / MBiomedE, Masters by coursework

What made you study at UNSW in the first place?

I selected UNSW, because I knew I wanted to further my education in a technical or scientific discipline. UNSW appeared to have the facilities, courses and reputation to support an education in this field. In my first year of university I took BIOM1010 as an elective. I loved that it combined my two interests of medicine and engineering.

The industry of the next generation

Additionally, I felt that biomedical engineering would be the industry of the next generation. As a chemical engineer, studying at the GSBME gave me an opportunity to work on chemical engineering related projects, broaden my technical understanding by studying electives outside my discipline and allowed me to interact with academics at the forefront of leading research.

What’s in your future?

I have secured an operations graduate job in the oil and gas sector and I will be starting in February 2014. However, I am definitely considering returning to GSBME to pursue a PHD in tissue engineering.