Gavin Tam, BE (Software) / MBiomed Eng

What swung you to Biomed here at UNSW?

I considered going to another uni but when I came here I liked how engineering was such a big focus and centrally located.  UNSW is one of Australia's most highly regarded universities and the UNSW engineering faculty is also among the best in terms of graduate employment rates, learning resources and facilities. The five-year combined degree program also allows students to explore other fields of engineering unlike other universities. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of two UNSW scholarships, which helped to support my learning through a mentorship program. In terms of extracurricular activities, UNSW also has many student societies that host events throughout the year, and allows students to be more involved in university life.

What do you love about studying biomed?

Biomedical engineering is an exciting new field that will have an enormous impact on the field of biomedical research. This research has real-life applications in rehabilitation medicine including prosthetics, and helps to change to lives of people with disabilities. It is a very rewarding field, where you can utilise engineering principles to help others.

What’s in your future re jobs?

In the next few years, I hope to get an internship at a leading biomedical engineering company such as Resmed, and to gain industry experience. As a graduate, I aim to work in the research and development of medical devices.

What is your advice for prospective students?

If engineering and helping others is your passion, do biomedical engineering!

What are your study highlights so far? 

The first year course ENGG1000 was very enjoyable.  It allowed me to select a project from a field of engineering and work in teams to design and construct something. The biomedical engineering project involves constructing a bionic hand, and gave me a taste of the engineering design process, as well as understanding principles of anatomy that can be applied to a product. It is a great start for those looking to explore what biomedical engineering is.

What of your life outside of biomed?

My other interests include table tennis, basketball and chess.