Lucy Armitage

B.Mech Eng/ Master Biomed Eng                             


How did you first find out about UNSW and programs offered?

Through friends and colleagues who had studied there.

Why did you choose UNSW over another university?

It has a good reputation for engineering and a flexible first year allows you have a taste of different engineering schools before deciding which area you want to specialise in.  It is also in a good location.

Why did you choose your program?

I have a background in health and was interested in using that background in combination with engineering skills in applications in the biomedical field.

How did you find university different from school?

It is bigger; there is more freedom and more opportunities to experience different people, cultures and experiences.

What is a typical uni day for you?

Lectures, tutorials, lunch with friends, study, perhaps a meeting of a group I am involved in.

What do you like about UNSW?

I like that it seems to have a mentality where it strives to perform well rather than assuming it is the best because it is the oldest as some of the other institutions do.  I also like that there are a lot of extracurricular activities to get involved with, and it is a nice campus to spend time on.

Do you still like your program? Do you still want the same career that you did at the beginning? If not, why not?

Yes I still like my program. My career expectations have changed as I have learnt more about the broad range of fields that engineers can work in.  This means I try to keep an open mind as I work through the degree and see which types of subjects I enjoy to use as a guide for possible career options.

Do you belong to any clubs, sporting groups or societies, any comments? Which facilities do you use on campus?

Yes Walama Muru.  I have had a great experience being involved with this volunteer program.  It is a great way to meet people and keep things in perspective whilst you are studying by helping others less well off than me. I use food outlets, the roundhouse, computer labs, and the library.

Do you have hints/tips for prospective students looking for a program of study? What are your plans when you graduate? Do you have a job confirmed yet?

Keep an open mind about the possibilities and opportunities that become available while you are studying and make the most of the time at UNSW to get involved with all aspects of a university experience not just studying.  It is through this that I think you get the most out of the degree.  If you are unsure about what to study a flexible first year is a great way to have a taste and then make more specific decisions afterwards.