Shaun Boey - MEng (Mech) / M Biomed

How did you first find out about UNSW and programs offered?

Through education fairs held throughout the year.

Why did you choose UNSW over another university?

Because unlike other universities, UNSW offers a 5 year double degree which gives me the opportunity to obtain a better qualification in a reduced amount of time. The Mech/Biomed Eng program at UNSW also features a wide variety of biomedical electives, allowing me to choose my area of specialty.

Why did you choose your program?

I’ve always been curious about the connection between medicine and technology. An example would be heart valves. How do they attach man made materials to living tissue? Another example is the “blade runner” Oscar Pistorius. Researchers say that his carbon fibre prosthetic legs give him an unfair advantage on the track. Is this true? Why? As I’m a very physically active person, I was intrigued with the various ways the human body behaves mechanically.

How did you find university different from school?

You get treated like an adult. You get to experience the highs and lows of having to make your own decisions, plan out your schedule, and work at your own pace. When everything works out well, university life definitely trounces school life.

What is a typical uni day for you?

In the first 3 years of my degree, it was pretty much classes for more than half the day, then head home to finish assignments, or study, or work on other uni related stuff. Recently, typical days include spending a considerable amount of time in the lab doing research, attending maybe one or two classes (if any), and catching up on assignments.

What do you like about UNSW?

Being a large but “compact” university, I don’t have to walk too far to get from one place to another.

Do you still like your program? Do you still want the same career that you did at the beginning? If not, why not?

I love my program and I would probably never consider changing the career I had in mind from the start.

Do you belong to any clubs, sporting groups or societies, any comments? Which facilities do you use on campus?

UNSW water polo club and UNSW tennis club. I currently very actively use the pool on campus, and also play tennis at the David Phillips sports facility at Daceyville. I have made very good friends by being part of these clubs and I would probably keep coming back even after I graduate.

Do you have hints/tips for prospective students looking for a program of study? What are your plans when you graduate? Do you have a job confirmed yet?

Taking my time to select a program really paid off for me so I guess that would be my advice to any prospective students looking out for what they want to do. Be patient and don’t rush. It’s better to finish and still have a passion for something you start with rather than to find that the course you picked is just not for you, 3 years into the degree. After I graduate I’ll apply for my permanent residency (and hopefully get it), and then start searching for a job in the field.