Checklist for Industrial Training

Industrial Training Student Guide

To graduate and qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia, all UNSW students must complete a minimum of 60 days approved Industrial Training. This means that you will get some real work experience in an Engineering environment. You will also develop employability skills whilst gaining valuable contacts for your future career. If you are a Co-op scholar, your Industrial Training requirements will be completed in the Co-op program.

The following are the steps required to complete your Industrial Training;

1. Suitable Industrial Training

    • Understand the Pre-approval process
    • Find out about the types of acceptable IT placements, including Traditional, Unpaid Traditional or Non-Traditional

2. Checklist

Complete the checklist to track your progress with your Industrial Training requirements

3. Recognition of Prior Learning

Completed some industry experience prior to university? Your previous experience must be relevant to your current program of study

4. IT Rules

    • Best time to undertake IT
    • Duration
    • Time limit
    • Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies 
    • Insurance

5. Tips 

How to find IT and other useful sources

6. Process to commence your IT

7. Support and FAQs

Find out where to find answers to your questions

8. Assessment

    • Report instruction and requrement
    • When and how to submit your report



Gain first hand Industrial Experience

1. Have I completed the 4 prerequisite modules?

□ Resume Writing
□ Interview Skills
□ Career Development and Networking
□ Workplace Behaviour and Health & Safety

2. Have I generated my Certificate of Prerequisite Completion?

□ Yes – Email this certificate to your School administration to receive your group activity key
□ No – Generate this certificate in order to access placement pre-approval applications and Industrial Training assessments

3. From 2019, If you are an International student, have you completed 17 Courses equal to 102 Units of Credit? The following formula applies: Courses competed >=(Terms studied*3) – 1 with a minimum of 6 terms studied

□ Yes – You may have an opportunity to undertake Industrial Training within one full term of study from 2019
□ No – Contact your School Administrator for further information and instructions

4. Have I enrolled in my School group on Moodle using the group activity key?

□ Yes – You now have access to submitting a placement pre-approval application
□ No – Be sure to enrol, or you will not be able to access any of your assessment requirements

5. Have I received my job offer?

□ Yes – Congratulations
□ No – Refer to TIPS to find IT

6. Have I applied for IT pre-approval with the required documentation?

□ Yes – Await approval confirmation
□ No – Refer to Pre-approval and IT Classifications

7. Have I received approval on my pre-approval application prior to commencement?

□ Yes – You can start your IT. Remember to set work goals (in the Evaluation form) during your first week
□ No – Contact your School Administrator for further information and instructions

8. Have I written my reflection about this placement and submitted it to Moodle?

□ Yes – Good job!
□ No – Don’t forget to write this while at each of your placements and submit it to Moodle, or you will not be able to complete your IT requirement

9. Have I completed the evaluation form with my employer?

□ Yes – Make sure your hours have been signed off
□ No – Be sure to set up a meeting with your employer in order fill out this form, and get the days you have worked signed off. This must be done for each placement

10. Have I accumulated 60 days from all of my IT placements (maximum 3 placements can be counted)?

□ Yes – You can start writing your report. You only need to write one report for all of your placements. Refer to Assessment for instruction
□ No – You need to find more placement(s) to ensure you have a minimum of 60 days

11. Have I submitted my IT report to Moodle?

□ Yes – As soon as you receive a mark of “Satisfactory” on your report, you’re done with IT!
□ No – Submit your report on Moodle by the deadline. See Moodle for more information

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