Reflections of a change-maker

With 10 years in the workforce under her belt, Chemical Engineering graduate and Lend Lease strategist Michelle Hone takes time out to reflect on the journey so far.

Young people picnic lr

Nutritionists, food scientists and chemists met to discuss food composition and quality issues in the Oceania region.

Sound principles

Dr Alex Bannigan says an exciting interactive music video will help drum up support for gender diversity in engineering.

Scholarship reflects the legacy of an engineering great

The newly launched David Trimm Scholarship is accelerating the success of the next generation of chemical engineers at UNSW.

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Macromolecular & interfacial engineering research
Macromolecular & interfacial engineering research

The research cluster for Macromolecular and Interfacial Engineering focuses on pure and applied science of soft materials.

Product & process research
Product & process research

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering has a robust community of researchers in the area of Advanced Processes. Spanning water treatment, food manufacture, energy production and process control systems.


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High school students

What to expect from a Chemical Engineering degree at UNSW.




Food scientists study everything related to food. 



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