Emergency management

First Aid Officers

Paul Brockbank
F10, LG01
02 9385 4231

Shan Balachandran
F10, LG10
02 9385 4695

Eh Hau Pan
F10, 506
02 9385 7955

Scott Markham
F10, 714
02 9385 5053

Hsiu Lin Li
F10, 1006
02 9385 5906

Richard Li
F10, 906
02 9385 7508

UNSW FM - Facilities Management / Emergency Management

To learn about Emergency Management at UNSW, please visit the UNSW Facilities Management website

Emergency Control Organisations

Every building on the University campus has its own Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to manage building evacuations or lockdowns. Each Emergency Control Organisation is made up of a Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden, Floor Wardens, Wardens and First Aid Officers.

Click here to familiarise yourself with the Emergency Control Organisation for your building.