2016 First Year Camp

Over the first weekend of April, more than 130 fresh faced first years and 30 student leaders from UNSW School of Chemical Engineering and School of Materials Science & Engineering, travelled to the Castle Mountain Outdoor Adventure Camp in Webb’s Creek to attend the 2016 First Year Camp.

Head of School (Chemical Engineering) Professor Vicki Chen showing the first year’s how it’s done!

Organised and hosted entirely by UNSW student-led societies CEUS (Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society), FSA (Food Science Association) and MATSOC (Materials Engineering Student Society), this three-day camp provided our new students with an invaluable opportunity to meet and create strong friendships with fellow engineers that they will spend the coming years studying and working with.

The students were divided into small teams and throughout the weekend, competed in a wide variety of engineering and team-building based challenges that encouraged team members to improve their communication and interpersonal skills as well as problem solving and innovation.

Some of these activities included the classic newspaper tower and egg drop but also featured new tasks this year such as Minute-to-Win It Round Robbin Challenge, Back-to-Back Drawing, Dice Basketball, Sinking Ship and even a Family Feud!

It was great to see all the students get heavily involved in each challenge, creating new ways to approach each problem presented to them, while also having a great deal of fun! 

This year the camp also had several academics in attendance on one day, who shared their words of wisdom on study and university life, before engaging in some engineering challenges themselves and showing the first year’s how it’s done! 

These academics included School of Chemical Engineering Head of School Professor Vicki Chen, as well as lecturers Stuart Prescott, PJ Cullen, Damia Mawad and Professor Greg Leslie.

Coming back from camp, it has been great to see the impact that the weekend away has already had on all of our first years who have now created unforgettable memories and friendships with their fellow peers and are looking forward to the years of study ahead. 

Written by
Emma Daniels
Co-President | UNSW Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) 


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