Alumni working in Government

UNSW Chemical Engineering PhD graduate Dr Mega Ng is applying her expertise as a Scientist in the Environmental Forensics Team of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Dr Ng is part of a multidisciplinary team and uses her with skills and knowledge in the areas of analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology and environmental forensics.

Dr Ng graduated in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Rose Amal and Dr May Lim. UNSW School of Chemical Engineering alumni Dr Mega NgHer PhD research examined the impact of variability in water characteristics on water treatment processes. She also developed strategic and integrated approaches on organic matters removal. As part of the forensics team she provides chemical analysis for a range of toxic and dangerous chemicals that caused significant harm to the environment. She specialises in trace metal analysis by ICP-AES/ICP-MS methods and water quality analysis. 

However it is not just the scientific skills that Dr Ng brings to her role. “Apart from the ability to use scientific equipment, I also bring analytical, problem-solving, adaptability, communication, and interpersonal skills. My PhD really equipped me with the ability to think laterally and come up with creative solutions.”

She adds “It is my ability to analyse ambiguous problems, understand and derive conclusions from these problems, and communicate the findings from my analysis that help me carry out the tasks in my current role.” Dr Ng believes that young researchers wishing to establish a career outside of academia need to acknowledge and communicate their broad set of skills

Dr Ng still collaborates with UNSW research projects and honours student supervision.

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