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Fourth-year Engineering student Hannah’s guide to making the most of O-Week

I’ve been to a bunch of O-Weeks in my time at uni, but the first one is usually the most important. If you’re new this semester, then here are my top 5 tips for enjoying your introductory week at UNSW.

Student Ambassador Hannah gives her top tips to make the most of O-Week.1. If you're paying for any food, you’re doing it wrong.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the uni student, where buying food with actual money is to be avoided whenever possible. At O-week, with all the free samples and free BBQs, you’d have to walk around campus blindfolded to miss the opportunities for a pro-bono lunch.

2. Check out the clubs and societies

Whether you’re lacking in the friend department, want to meet someone else who shares your passion for Doctor Who, or just want to try something new, you’re sure to find a club or society worth joining. It’s also always a good idea to join the society for your discipline, such as the Engineering Society, and start building up a network of students in your degree.

3. Collect as much free stuff as possible

I have a goal to get through my degree without ever buying a pen. It’s been easy so far. Bring a bag to O-week for all the free lollies, stationary, coffee sachets, instant noodles, iced tea and other essentials to help you make it through the semester. But come prepared with a fake name and email address, if you don’t want anyone to send you advertising!

4. Go to the faculty welcome

If this is in fact your first semester, then make sure you check when your faculty and school welcome is. Some of the information they tell you is useful (if only because you’ll be introduced to your student society), and if you can sit through the speeches you’ll be rewarded with one of those free BBQ lunches I mentioned.

5. Orient yourself!

Fun fact: the “O” in “O-Week” stands for Orientation: noun. the act of figuring out the location and direction of everything with respect to yourself. Work out where the bus stops are this week, where the food courts are, and where the pubs are. If you’re the sort of person who likes to be prepared, work out where your classes are! The last thing you want to do next Monday morning when you’re 30 minutes late because of the bus lines at Central, is realise that your class is in Matthews when you thought it was in Law.

Most of all, have fun. Don’t stress out if you haven’t made any friends yet, you’ve got the whole semester for that. Don’t stress about how hard uni is going to be; you’ve got your whole degree for that. This week is for fun, parties, free stuff, and discovering that it’s a 25-minute walk to the beach.

O-Week for Semester 2 is on from Wednesday 19th July to Friday 21st July. Use the online event planner to register your attendance and get the most out what’s on offer. 

View the gallery below to see what Student-led Activities and groups will be on display at O-Week.

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