Jayashree Arcot

Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 93855360
+61 2 9385 5966

711 F10 Chemical Sciences Building

Research Interests:

  • Food composition and development of analytical techniques (biological and chemical) for nutrients in foods
  • Fortification of foods with micronutrients: technologies, bioavailability in humans
  • Development of isotope dilution methods for the analysis of vitamins and other bioactives in foods using LC-MS techniques
  • Bioactive compounds in foods and their activities in vitro and exvivo
  • Micronutrient bioavailability in humans using stable isotopic studies; ex vivo cell culture techniques

Current projects include:

  • Vitamin analysis of foods especially folate, cyanocobalamin and vitamin D (immunoassays, microbiological assays and LC-MS analysis of vitamers using stable isotope dilution assays)
  • Biodiversity of nutrients in plant-based foods (genotypic variations) esp. cereals and legumes
  • Fortification of foods (rice and wheat flour) with micronutrients (folate, iron and beta carotene) using edible coating materials and processing methods
  • Bioactives in fruits (analysis of phenolic compounds using stable isotope dilution methods; GC-MS and LC-MS analysis)
  • Unconventional cereals and their prebiotic potential
  • Improving Vitamin B12 in plant-based foods through fermentation; developing new ingredients of high nutriitonal value through processing
  • Nutrient recovery from food manufacturing waste streams; agricultural wastes
  • Development of biodegradable nanopolymers as packaging material from agricultural wastes
  • Human intervention trials for bioafficacy of micronutrient fortification of wheat flour in Papua New Guinea
  • Micronutrient bioavailability (folate) from fortified foods and natural sources using stable isotope techniques in humans