Student life

UNSW Australia is a great place to study Chemical Engineering. Not only are we considered the number one provider of Engineering education in the Country, we are also located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Sydney. And life at university doesn’t always have to be about the study.

Life on campus

Take a walk down the main university boulevard. You’ll soon see that UNSW really is a dynamic and inspiring place to study.

Students and academic staff of UNSW come from all different walks of life and from all over the world, near and far. In class you could be sitting next to a friend from your local high school or an international student from who is experiencing a new country and culture for the first time.

With diversity like that, you are in for a rich experience that will broaden your networks and help you develop different learning styles and teamwork strategies. It doesn’t get better than that.  

There is always a flurry of excitement on campus, with heaps to do right throughout the year. One week it could be ‘Arts Week’ with weird and wonderful sculptures around campus, the next it is the ‘Festival of Sports’ where you can try your hand at rock climbing or test your balancing skills on a mechanical surfboard.

How about browsing through old records or finding a unique piece of vintage clothing at the market stalls which are regularly set up near the ARC precinct.

Given the fun and social side of things you are bound to have an enjoyable and memorable time as a student, but most importantly you will learn the skills that will equip you to be able to help solve the problems of the future.

Clubs and societies for students from Chemical Engineering

UNSW School of Chemical Engineering has two societies which are run by undergraduate students. These societies are a valuable addition to your study experience and they shape and implement many aspects of student life.

Among the highlights are frequent barbeques, annual harbour cruises and the Chemical Engineering Ball. These events provide an opportunity for students to forget about their studies for an evening, have a good time with their classmates and peers and most importantly, make the most of their university experience!It’s not all about having a good time though, our student societies band together to raise funds for meaningful causes and charities and hold events to encourage people to think about some of the major issues and challenges of the world.

CEUS / ICUS (UNSW Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry Undergraduate Society)

The Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society is a society focused on having fun! They run multiple social and sporting events throughout the year and help members interact with industrial partners and potential employers.

CEUS Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society  

Adam Halmy


Tomas Beak and Ramesh Archuna


Denise Chan


George O'Connell

Industry Liaison: 

Annie Tu

Marketing Coordinator 

Michael Alford

Marketing Assistant 

Rosa Yến Trần

Social and Publicity Director:

Thilina De Silva

ARC & ENGSOC Representative:

Sanna Deaño

Industrial Chemistry Delegate:

Annie Tu

4th Year Representatives:
3rd Year Representatives:
2nd Year Representative:

Michael Gatto and Alex Wiebe
Angela Tandon and James Preziosa
Tom McMahon and Joanna Li


FSA (UNSW Food Science Association)

The UNSW Food Science Association is a society aimed at making sure university isn't just a pile of books and hours of study. It is the social arm of the Food Science student community and membership is automatic for Food Science students.

FSA (Food Science Association)  

 Keqi Chen & Chris Dunstan


Heloise Lam


Gabrielle Milet

Arc Delegate:

Hamish Maxwell 

Event Director:

Kinga Wojciechowski

Industry Coordinator:

Corinne Dwyer Liu

4th Year Representatives:
3rd Year Representatives:
2nd Year Representatives:

Pitchnaree Mamiew and Chris Dunstan
Sarah Peek and Jane Harding
Deanna Mak and Belel Rathborne

First year camp

The student societies also organise and run a camp for first years in the first half of Semester 1 every year. This camp is an opportunity for new students to get together, network and make new friends, but it also focuses on problem solving and leadership skills that will help all students throughout their university careers.

The School of Chemical Engineering and its students pride themselves on this unique and valuable experience. Best of all, it also counts as part of your assessment!



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