Thesis information

All students in Bachelors (Honours) and Masters programs offered by the School of Chemical Engineering are required to complete a thesis project as part of their degree.

The table below shows the default Thesis course sequence for your stream and any additional options you may have. The following sections provide more information about each of these sequences.

Stream Thesis
  • Chemical Engineering ( CEICAH)
  • Industrial Chemistry ( CEICBH)

Research Thesis – You may also take ResearchThesis Extension as an elective.

Alternatively, students may be permitted to take Product Design Thesis instead of Research Thesis.

  • Chemical Product Engineering ( CEICDH)
  • Food Science and Technology ( FOODJH)
  • Food Science and Nutrition ( FOODKH)

Product Design Thesis

We strongly encourage using 12 UOC of electives to also take Research Thesis. This course will complement your group-based design project in CEIC4007/8 with an individual research project.

All Masters students

  • Chemical Process Engineering ( CEICJS)
  • Food Process Engineering ( FOODNS)
  • Food Science ( FOODKS)


Engineering Postgraduate Research Skills


Advanced Research Thesis


Research Thesis (CEIC4951/2/3) and Advanced Research Thesis (CEIC9951/2/3)

Research Thesis consists of three courses each worth 4 units of credit (UoC) – CEIC4951 Research Thesis A, CEIC4952 Research Thesis B & CEIC4953 Research Thesis C. Undergraduate students may commence Research Thesis once they have completed at least 126 UoC from a School of Chemical Engineering discipline stream and their 3rd year core.

Advanced Research Thesis consist of three courses each worth 6 UoC – CEIC9951 Advanced Research Thesis A, CEIC9952 Advanced Research Thesis B & CEIC9953 Advanced Research Thesis C. Postgraduate students may commence Advanced Research Thesis once they are in their second or later term at UNSW and have completed an Engineering Postgraduate Research Skills course.

You must identify a supervisor and project prior to commencing CEIC4951 or CEIC9951. To find out more about Research Thesis courses, the projects available and how to find a supervisor, please join the Research Thesis Projects page on Moodle (enrolment key co3shyh).

  1. These courses are normally taken over three consecutive terms. However, students that make excellent progress in Thesis A, may be allowed to take Thesis B and Thesis C in the same term.
  2. High performing students may be permitted to take CEIC9005 (or CEIC4005) in lieu of their regular Research Thesis courses. Contact the course coordinator for more information.

Product Design Project Thesis (CEIC4007/8)

Product Design Project Thesis consists of two courses both worth 6 UoC – CEIC4007 Product Design Project Thesis A and CEIC4008 Product Design Project Thesis B. Undergraduate students may commence Research Thesis once they have completed at least 126 UoC from a School of Chemical Engineering discipline stream. CEIC6711 Complex Fluids Microstructure and Rheology is a co-requisite course.

You do not need to secure a supervisor before commencing Product Design Project Thesis A.

Engineering Postgraduate Research Skills (GSOE9010 or GSOE9011)

Postgraduate students must take Engineering Postgraduate Research Skills before commencing Advanced Research Thesis A. You can choose either GSOE9010 or GSOE9011. Both courses are worth 6 UoC. The main difference between the two courses is that GSOE9011 is offered completely online.

Research Thesis Extension (CEIC4954)

Research Thesis Extension ( CEIC4954) aims to provide you with an opportunity to go extend your thesis project by exploring your research problem in more breath &/or depth. The work you do in this course builds on the work completed in CEIC4951, CEIC4952 and CEIC4953.

This course is especially relevant for undergraduate students considering a research career in fields related to chemical engineering and food science. The activities in this course are designed to introduce you to the ways in which research is practiced and communicated in a higher degree environment.

CEIC4954 is considered a practice elective in the Chemical Engineering stream (CEICAH) and a discipline elective in all other undergraduate streams.