About chemical product engineering

Developing new products is a critical task for modern corporations operating within a competitive and dynamic market.

Chemical Product Engineers apply a commercial lens to their deep knowledge of chemical engineering by asking the question, “How can I assemble complex new materials and breakthrough technologies, which are currently too scarce or expensive to use, into innovative, value-added commercial products?”

With an emphasis on product design and development, Chemical Product Engineering is the new frontier for chemical engineers and its relevance is practically unlimited among both industrial and scientific communities. It is a career that incorporates the technical and entrepreneurial skills needed to innovate, develop and design novel chemical and consumer products for large and small employers.

From cosmetics, drugs and solar cells to advanced biomedical devices and more, your ability to identify customer needs and create products that meet such needs will ensure your success.

Ideas, design, testing – making a product as good as it can be

Chemical Product Engineering is part of the long chain in the design and manufacturing process. Chemical Product Engineers deal with the ideas, the design, the testing, and prototyping of new industrial products. In order to design something entirely new to help solve the major problems of the world, their essential skills are a unique blend of in-depth knowledge, application of chemistry, and creativity to envision and create entirely new intellectual property.

Where do Chemical Product Engineers work?

This broad degree opens doors to many different industries once you’ve completed your studies. These include:

  • Energy
  • Materials science
  • Fine chemicals
  • Inks, coatings, and thin films
  • Human and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • Health
  • Cosmetics and Household care
  • Food
  • Environment
  • Electronics and more...

With your strong foundation in chemical process engineering, the product design element of this degree will give you a valuable employability edge by connecting technology, creativity, and a connection to consumer usage of products. An ability to design and take a product to market is a skill in great demand from employers. Your entrepreneurial skills might see you become CEO of your own start-up company, or you’ll equally be at home in a large global corporation in roles as diverse as a Product Designer, Food and Wine Scientist, Research and Development Manager and Products Research Engineer.

Past graduates have been employed within these companies and industries

  • Reckitt Benckiser (home chemical products)
  • Pfizer (pharmaceuticals)
  • ERA Polymers (polyurethanes)
  • Unilever (personal care products)
  • DuPont (science innovation)
  • Qenos (petrochemicals)
  • Selleys

Is Chemical Product Engineering right for me?

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