Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EEP)

Ambulance - Fire - Police - Call Security at 9385 6666 or Ext. 56666 (available 24 hours).

When in doubt, call Security for any emergency.

Emergency Control Organisations

Every building on the University campus has its own Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to manage building evacuations or lockdowns. Each Emergency Control Organisation is made up of a Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden, Floor Wardens and First Aid Officers. 

Click here to familiarise yourself with the Emergency Control Organisation for your building.

Each building has its ECO List posted in public areas throughout the building which includes the name of the ECO members, the location of the first aid boxes, defibrillators and the evacuation assembly points:


Emergency procedures


In the event of an evacuation alarm, it should not be assumed that the alarm is being tested or has developed a fault. The electronic alarm has two tones - the first monotone alarm is to get your attention. You will then be given verbal instruction on what actions to take. If directed to evacuate the building, the fluctuating alarm will sound. The Fire Wardens will coordinate evacuation and ensure that all areas of the building have been evacuated.

Specific evacuation instructions

  1. Act on instructions from Fire Wardens.
  2. Leave the Building via the nearest Emergency Exit or as directed by a Fire Warden.
  3. DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings.
  4. DO NOT run, push or overtake
  5. DO NOT use the lifts
  6. Proceed as directed to the designated Emergency Assembly Point. Refer to the ECO List above for more details. 
  7. Do not re-enter the building until the Chief Warden has stated that it is safe to do so

Persons with disabilities

During emergencies, designated Floor Wardens will direct able-bodied persons to assist persons with disabilities to leave the building or area in question. It is not expected that people with mobility problems should evacuate a building by staircase during an evacuation drill. However, you are expected to participate in the drill if possible, for example, by using ramps where available or moving to a fire isolated staircase and waiting there for emergency assistance.


If a casualty is found, assess his/her condition and administer appropriate first aid. Inform First Aid Officers and Security.


Precautions and Procedures: 

  • Never work alone in a laboratory after hours without appropriate approval and risk management plan.
  • Do not use equipment for which you are not trained.
  • When the evacuation signal is heard LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY.
  • Always follow the directions of the Emergency Team.
  • Do not re-enter the building before the all-clear has been given.


  • Campus Security - 56666 - 24 hours (Call 9385 6666 if using a mobile phone)
  • Poisons Information Centre - (0) 13 11 26
  • Prince of Wales Hospital - (0) 9382 2222


Other Useful Numbers

  • UNSW Workers Compensation Team ext 53194 ext 52722 
  • Lifts - Denise Lee ext 57655 or Security ext 56000 
  • Radiation ext 52912 ext 51565 
  • Chemical Spills ext 58255 ext 51565 
  • University Health Services ext 55425 


UNSW FM - Estate Management / Security and Safety Unit

To learn about Emergency Management at UNSW, please visit the UNSW Estate Management website