Ian McIntyre

Ian McIntyreChair, CVEN Industry Advisory Committee 
Ian McIntyre & Associates Pty Ltd

Ian McIntyre was, until “retirement” in late 2017,a Principal of Advisian and the Service Lead, Contractual Services. He graduated in Civil Engineering from UNSW in 1974 with First Class Honours. As a consultant for the past 31 years, Ian has advised in relation to project delivery processes on a wide range of infrastructure, building and systems integration projects throughout Australia and Asia. His previous experience was in project management and construction engineering for a contractor on major civil engineering and multi-disciplinary projects throughout Australia and in Hong Kong.

He is frequently retained in “trouble shooting”, independent review and due diligence roles and has considerable experience in analysis of the reasons for project delivery problems. As a result, he is particularly interested in promoting awareness of the factors which are typically associated with successful project delivery strategies leading to successful project outcomes.

He is an experienced expert witness in relation to project performance issues and is, notwithstanding retirement from Advisian, active on several expert evidence assignments and a member of two Project Dispute Boards.