High School work experience program

Experience engineering firsthand!

Application for 2020 will be available soon. 

The UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CVEN) in conjunction with its Industry Advisory Committee organises an annual work experience program to promote engineering career options to high school students. The program runs for five days usually in Week 5 of  UNSW Term 2 and is available to Year 10 students across NSW.

The program allows students to experience engineering projects firsthand across six areas of the civil and environmental engineering field, namely:

  • High School Year 10 work experienceCoastal and Port Infrastructure
  • Structures and Design
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Water, Wastewater and Environment
  • Road, Transport and Underground
  • Surveying and Geospatial Engineering

Daily field trips are led by UNSW CVEN staff supported by engineering professionals to a range of engineering sites across Sydney, followed by an afternoon debrief and short report writing session at the UNSW Kensington campus. Students selected for the program will be required to meet daily at 8.50am, at Central Station, with each day of the program finishing at approximately 4pm at UNSW. Students MUST attend the full five days.

UNSW CVEN is interested in receiving applications from Careers Advisers for students who are self-motivated, reliable, punctual, and who have a strong mathematical ability. Importantly, students must have an interest in pursuing a career in engineering. Our School offers a wide choice of combined degrees such as Engineering/Commerce, Eng/Arts as well as single degrees in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Civil with Architecture.

Please note that interested students must be confident in using public transport, and that suitable clothing (for outdoors and appropriate to weather conditions) and enclosed footwear will be a requirement.

Selected students and their Careers Advisers/Teachers receive email confirmation with full details, and are required to sign the current version in the Employer section of the Student Placement Record. School Careers Advisers/Teachers, please contact Tricia Tesoriero via email.

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