Primary School Prize in Mathematics


Primary School Prize in Mathematics

The key objective of the UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering Primary School Prize in Mathematics prize - to the value of $100 - is to encourage a lifelong interest in mathematics, as one of the key requirements for a rewarding, fulfilling and socially useful engineering career.  Selection criteria emphasize applications and creativity as well as class projects and test results.

Staff or alumni of the School present the Prize to the student at the end of year presentation. It gives students and parents a chance to meet a real life engineer and talk to them about the  opportunities, uses and rewards of engineering.

If your School wishes to take part please contact us at

The Prize is an initiative of the School’s Industry Advisory Committee, developed and managed by the External Relations Committee, to help address the problem of falling numbers and interest in maths and science in the early high school years. We wanted to find a way of communicating the practical value of maths and science to students prior to their high school years.

Over eighty NSW schools participate annually in the School’s Maths Prize, and prizes given to over 250 students.  Our congratulations go to all the young winners. We hope to see them at UNSW one day.

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