Gareth Swarbrick

Gareth SwarbrickIAC Committee Member
Principal, PSM

Dr Gareth Swarbrick has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Adelaide University and a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from UNSW.  After a 14 year career as a UNSW academic he joined the engineering consultancy PSM in 2005 where his expertise centres on tailings dam design and operation, assessment and management of mine subsidence impacts and numerical analysis.  Signature projects include protection of the Upper Canal and Hume Highway during undermining, prediction of steam pressures at Lihir Gold Mine, numerical analysis of hydromechanical coupling at Olympic Dam, Brisbane Airport Link tunnel design and investigation of the Lane Cove Tunnel collapse.

Gareth has continued close links with UNSW including several projects with researchers in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is currently a Visiting Fellow with the UNSW Water Research Laboratory.