Student Led Display Gets its First Outing

Open Day visitors to the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering were the first to take part in a new interactive bridge design display. The display was created by a team of student volunteers with funding for materials provided by the School.Student Lead Project Team

The School put out a call for submissions to create a display late last year. Three were shortlisted for presentation and the team of Chaitanya (Chad) Baldeo, Randil Pohorambage, Steve Lu and Yuyi Liu were successful. Saturday represented the culmination of their challenge to turn their ideas into reality.

The display includes structures, construction, water, foundations and transport thus covering all aspects of the Civil Engineering degree. Steve stated the group “chose to build the display because it (would) best capture the physical essence of the challenge. To have people engage with and solve an actual problem with their hands best encapsulates the disciplines of engineering.”

The activity garnered plenty of attention on the day. Visitors were keen to take on the challenge of creating their own bridge with differing design conditions including variations in length, horizontal water loading and foundation and bridge types.

The project team gained valuable experience with Chad noting: “The project gave us the freedom to come up with our own design and get it built largely on our own. We had an experience not too many undergrads get the chance to have, from learning to budget, to working with multiple parties on different components, to preparing risk management forms.” Yuyi agreed and noted “This project made us realise planning is only a tiny step, that not everything can be planned, we had to be adaptable to changes.”

The Head of School Professor Stephen Foster thanked the team members for their hard work and remarked at how professional the display looked. He encouraged the students to be proud and make it known to visitors that they not only were running it but had created it in the first place.

Randil summed up the whole project, “as challenging as it was, the best part of this experience was its teamwork and collaborative nature, combining the vision of four different individuals into a successful display showcasing the beauty of civil engineering”.

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