We call him Boss: Congratulations Anthony for due recognition!

Anthony Dever with Professor Ian Jacob, Professor Anne Simmons and Andrew WaltersThe President’s Awards formally recognise and celebrate remarkable UNSW staff. The Awards enable staff to recognise their colleagues who light up UNSW by celebrating not only what people do but how they go about it.

The category of Excellence was defined as “Delivers high performance and demonstrates service excellence.” Surely a perfect fit for Anthony Dever. The five other award categories included innovation, diversity, respect, collaboration, and the people’s choice. In our opinion Anthony could have won all of them!

Several School staff nominated Anthony for the award. As Kate Brown said in her nomination, “Anthony has exceptionally managed the School since 2013. We have been through rapid growth, expansion and workplace change. He has led us through this period smoothly and with minimal disruption to our work output and morale. “

Another staff member wrote, “He is encouraging, inspiring and knowledgeable. He encourages his staff to learn new skills and to attend workshops or any training sessions. He gives sound advice on career progression and he trusts his staff.”

The phrases “people-centric”, “problem-solver” “approachable” were repeated several times by nominators. The high praise continues from his staff.

“Anthony is always supportive to team members and staff in the school without compromising operational standards and excellence. Challenging issues such as workspace shortage, workplace changes and budget shrinking have to be dealt with by him and his team for optimal solutions. Fortunately, Anthony is not only an excellent listener but also a person with solutions!”

Yet another staff member wrote, “He demonstrates excellent communication skills and respects everyone’s cultural diversity.”

Another affirmed, “He is a role model of how a team leader should be.”

“I always feel that I am being supported but not micro-managed,” wrote another appreciative administrator. “He offers advice when I need it but always stands aside and lets me make my own decision. In the office, we feel like we have the best administration and teaching support team in Engineering.”

“The best proof of his actions” says Kate Brown, “is that the School has climbed up the rankings and we are currently ranked 12th in the world (QS) and 10th in the world (ARWU) under his professional and financial leadership. We have great local systems, good processes put in place and fantastic team relationships.

Anthony supports and enables his staff to perform at their best. We call him Boss, not because he’s our supervisor but because we have so much respect for him as our leader.”

Congratulations, well done and thank you Anthony!

Kate’s praise video is at: (valid UNSW zPass required)

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