New Postgraduate Research induction


  • School Administration contact – Pattie McLaughlin, 4th Floor, Room 407
  • School Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator – Associate Professor Hamid Valipour is responsible for formal approvals
  • GRS website can be found at:
  • Mail and email – mail is delivered to the Student Centre and placed in appropriate pigeon-hole for your collection – outgoing mail can be put into the mail bag in room 407; there is a daily mail service.
    • School’s mailing address:
      The School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
      UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 (all in caps)
      AUSTRALIA (optional, but must appear on a separate line)
  • Scholarships – if you have any questions about your scholarship see Pattie in the first instance and she will refer you to the appropriate person.
  • Part-time teaching – allocations are determined each Term by Associate Head of School, currently Mario Attard. Payment claims for teaching are arranged by Lekana Toubia, room 410.


  • GRS provides each new student with the UNSW Research Student Handbook.
  • Concurrent coursework prescriptions – 18 units of credit are required and must include GSOE9400 PG Research Essentials; suitable courses must be approved by supervisor; it is expected that the concurrent prescription is completed by the end of the first year.
  • Annual Progress Reviews provide an opportunity for you, your supervisor/s and the School to:
       - take stock of how your project has gone over the past year (or 6 months if you are new
       - review all aspects of your candidature
       - develop a plan of action for the next year
  • Changes to candidature (such as attendance pattern, supervisor, leave of absence) need to be approved and recorded.
  • Research forum in Term 2 each year which is compulsory (not for students in their first year).
  • Students must re-enrol each year. Re-enrolment procedures will be advised by Pattie each December.


  • Desk space and furniture is provided during the term of candidature.
  • Swipe access is coded on student ID cards – all research students have 24 hour building access, access to Design Studio (501) and computer laboratories (201 and 611).
  • Access to specific laboratories needs to be added to your card – this is arranged by Laarni Caluducan (room 410) with appropriate authority for your lab managers.
  • Creating a Zpass: All student must have a Zpass to Log in to Lab PCs and Outlook Exchange email. Go to UNSW Identity manager (IDM) website –
  • Basic stationery supplies can be obtain from Pattie.
  • Full time research student computer – PC on start – refer to agreement. The computers can also be used in the school’s computer labs, room 201 and 611.
  • Ongoing financial support – conference, conference accommodation and airfares. Request for financial support can be obtain by fill in a Funding Request form.
  • Tea/coffee making facilities are located in most research student rooms or very close by. Students can also use the tea room on the 1st floor (room 114).
  • The School provides a resource room for research students with photocopying, scanner, fax, guillotine, binder and staplers. They are in room CE611B – see Pattie for details.