Engineering Construction and Management

Engineering construction and managementThe Engineering Construction and Management Group is Australia’s oldest, largest and leading engineering construction research group. Internationally recognised, the Group is the originator of engineering construction and management postgraduate programs in Australia and one of the first worldwide.

The group has industry support for teaching and research and, with excellent field and laboratory test facilities, is a regular provider of expert opinion to industry.


The Engineering Construction and Management Group undertakes advanced theoretical and experimental research and is a significant contributor to new research knowledge on an international scale in:

  • construction technology
  • construction management and project management and delivery
  • planning and risk management
  • contracts and legal studies
  • economics and finance
  • sustainability
  • measurements and quality
  • field and laboratory
  • people management
  • systems studies
  • problem solving
  • Construction 3D printing
  • Sustainability in Construction
  • Waste valorisation and circular economy

Current research projects

  • Real-time and Autonomous 3D Mapping of Construction Projects Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Drones
  • Construction Robot for Concrete Drilling
  • Material optimisation and characterisation for construction 3D printing
  • Development of sustainable concrete by incorporating waste products
  • Economic and Environmental Assessment using BIM
  • Earthmoving, Quarrying and Surface Mining – Optimum Costs, Emissions, Production
  • Contracts – Late and Incomplete Payments; Optimal Target Contracts
  • Investment – Real Options; Adaptable Infrastructure; Carbon Projects