Structural Engineering

Randwick structural engineering labThe Structural Engineering Research Group at UNSW is the Australian leader in the hard infrastructure field.

As part of the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety (CIES), the Structural Engineering Research Group focuses on high quality fundamental and applied hard infrastructure research, with a focus on resilient and sustainable infrastructure, including:

  • the behaviour of advanced structural materials,
  • the development of computational techniques for the efficient structural analysis and design of large structures, and 
  • design approaches for structural engineers that influences Australian and overseas codes of practice

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure will be central themes in next generation infrastructure design and key issues for the CIES Structural Engineering Group. CIES will continue to play a leading role in the Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring which involves more than 10 Australian universities, NICTA, CSIRO, RMS, VicRoads and QldDMR. CIES will also host the National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation and this involves the Australian Chapter of the International Association of Protective Structures with eight universities and significant in kind support from DSTO.

Research themes

  • Advanced structural material characterisation
  • Development of advanced structural design methods
  • Efficient computational techniques
  • Experimental techniques.

Research staff and students

There are twelve academic staff in the Structural Engineering Research Group, plus two very active Emeritus Professors. There are also many research associates and postdoctoral research fellows in the Group.

Academic Staff

Structural Engineering Research PhD Students

You can view list of Structural Engineering PhD candidate here.

Research Excellence

The Structural Engineering Research Group has made important contributions to the Australian Standards for concrete, steel, composite and bridge structures. Academics in the Group have also written textbooks which are used nationally and internationally in concrete, steel and composite structures.

Industry linkages

Industry links are an important part of our research and the Group has ARC Linkage Grant projects with Ajax Fasteners, Arup, ARRB, BlueScope, BOSFA Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia, Fielders Australia, Orrcon , PCDC and  the RTA.

Research facilities

The UNSW structures laboratory is one of the best equipped in Australia, with the largest strong floor in the southern hemisphere with more than 300 square metres of test area and a test frame height of at least 4 metres. The laboratory has the capability to test specimens with capacities up to 5,000 kN and has significant space for tests on structural assemblages undergoing service and sustained loading. 

The Structural Engineering Research Group also has access to the CIES Advanced Computer Analysis Laboratory.