Research students

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The UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of Australia’s finest research and teaching schools, with a strong international reputation for innovative, cutting-edge research with applications that are needed now and in the future.

After graduation, you can opt to embark on a research career – our graduates have become research team leaders in their own right – or you could work in government or industry where our graduates have advanced to key positions.

We have active research groups in:

Your journey as a research student

As a research student, you are expected to be an independent and critical thinker, placing your work in the context of current research and presenting it in the form of publications and talks to your critics and peers. There will be many challenges as you mature academically from receiving ideas and knowledge to developing your own problem solving skills and independent research capabilities, but these are essential to your growth as an independent researcher and you will have access to the very best in academic support and facilities.

Research facilities

As part of a UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering research group, our research students enjoy a welcoming and supportive environment. Research students have a desk and computer in a shared study room and access to world class facilities.

Academic support

Your supervisor will be available for academic advice during the progress of your research and the final preparation of your thesis. As a research student, you should meet your supervisor regularly for discussions on the progress of your research and ask for feedback. Find out more from the UNSW GRS Postgraduate Research Handbook.

Additional support

The UNSW Learning Centre also offers a wide range of academic skills support. The School also helps its postgraduate students in their research in many ways and supports them when they have difficulties.

UNSW assists research students by providing a wide range of scholarships, ranging from living allowances and tuition fee costs, to travel scholarships and supplements.