The Connected Waters Initiative (CWI) Research Centre

The Connected Waters Initiative (CWI) Research Centre is a joint initiative between UNSW School of Civil  and Environmental Engineering and UNSW School of Biological Earth and  Environmental Sciences (BEES).

The UNSW Groundwater Research Centre

Australia is often said to be the driest inhabited continent on Earth, but that's only because of its low rainfall.

CWI logoIn fact, we have massive reserves of the most precious of natural resources right beneath our feet in our groundwater.

Bore water, for example, from the Great Artesian Basin made it possible to open up vast inland areas for grazing livestock. Natural springs provide the millions of bottles of mineral water we consume every year.

Groundwater makes it possible to grow many of our crops and pastures. And we're looking increasingly to aquifers to provide drinking water for our growing towns and cities.

Groundwater is found in the voids between sediment grains in the subsurface. It can flow slowly like a river through aquifers or pool in great underground "lakes". Although hidden from view it is intimately connected with the rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, lakes and wetlands we can see above ground.

So, effective water management must consider surface water and groundwater as "connected" - a single resource.

Australia has doubled its groundwater use in recent decades. It now makes up more than one-fifth of all the water we harvest. Yet we don't know enough about the many and complex interactions between groundwater and surface water or how this knowledge can be applied to controversial issues such as coal seam gas development and water allocations in the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

In many cases, we're still treating them as if they were separate resources and we know far too little about how to manage them sustainably.

CWI groundwaterUNSW Australia Connected Waters Initiative Research Centre aims to help fill this critical gap in our knowledge through research, teaching and public education. 

The CWI is jointly supported by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering in recognition of the vital roles that both knowledge and technology can play in better understanding and managing Australia's water resources. Our multidisciplinary expertise includes staff from the Schools of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Mining Engineering; and Law.

The CWI manages Australia's groundwater infrastructure program, the Groundwater Education Investment Fund (GEIF), and CWI staff play leading roles in Australia's groundwater centre, the Australian Research Council and National Water Commission funded  National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT).

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