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School financial support for research students

Consideration has been given to the School policy concerning provision of support to research students. The following policy has been agreed:

  1. At commencement of candidature all full time research students will be provided with a desktop PC for their personal use. The maximum amount provided will be $1500 with purchase and setup arranged by the School’s Director of Computing. The PC will remain on the School premises at the student’s desk.
  2. The School will provide financial support to attend conferences to present a paper, up to a maximum of $3000 for the duration of PhD candidature. Conference support will cover conference registration fees, airfares and accommodation costs only. All funding support will be administered by school administration staff.
  3. School support ceases at the time of thesis submission.
  4. Other requests for support (in lieu of the $1000 per year for conference travel), will be considered on an individual basis but will only be approved in special circumstances.
  5. All requests for financial support must be made by the student on the appropriate form to the RMC (submit to Ms Pattie McLaughlin) and must be approved by the research supervisor.

You can download the form from link below.

Request for Financial Support for Research Students

Graduate Research School (GRS) Conference Travel Funding:

PRSS Conference Travel Funds

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