Nancy Glenn

Sch-Civil & Environmental Eng
Contact details:
(+61 2) 9385 4193
(+61 2) 9385 6139

Civil Engineering Building (H20)
Level 6, Room CE605
Kensington Campus

Professor of Geospatial Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests:

  • remote sensing of the environment,
  • dryland ecology
  • geological engineering


Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing


  • Ph.D., Geo-Engineering, 2000, University of Nevada, Reno
  • M.S., Geotechnical/Civil Engineering, 1996, University of California, Berkeley
  • B.S., Geological Engineering, 1994, University of Nevada, Reno

Brief Info:

Professor Glenn joined UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering in October 2019. She is an expert in remote sensing of the environment, dryland ecology and geological engineering, and an innovative researcher and leader in multidisciplinary projects.

Most of her research is focused in dryland ecosystems and understanding how these ecosystems respond to changes in climate and disturbance. Her current research focuses on soil and vegetation characterization with lidar and imaging spectroscopy (hyperspectral) for ecological structure and function, and modelling.

An award-winning researcher, Professor Glenn has won over $US25 million in research grant funding. She is also a Licensed Professional US engineer.