Wei Gao

Sch: Civil & Environmental Eng
Contact details:
(+61 2) 9385 4123
(+61 2) 9385 6139

Civil Engineering Building (H20)
Level 6, Room CE608
Kensington Campus

Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

  • AI and machine learning in structural analysis and design
  • Stochastic structural analysis and safety assessment in CAD/CAE
  • Computation uncertainty/stochastic mechanics
  • Composite materials and structures
  • Stability and reliability analysis
  • Structural optimization and metamaterial design
  • Vibration and control
  • Vehicle-infrastructure interaction dynamics
  • Engineered cementitious composite materials

Research Grants

  • W Gao, D Wu, YX Zhang, GY Li, YM Chen; Performance assessment and optimal design for nano and composite structures; ARC Linkage Scheme-ARC Research Hub (IH150100006); 2017-2021: $223,000
  • W Gao, Y-L Pi, S Tangaramvong; Unified nondeterministic dynamic safety assessment of softening structures; ARC Discovery (DP160103919); 2016-2018: $390,000
  • W Gao, Y-L Pi, F Tin-Loi; Stochastic geometrically nonlinear elasto-plastic buckling and behaviour of curved grid-like structures; ARC Discovery (DP140101887); 2014-2016: $395,000
  • CM Song, W Gao, Y-L Pi; A high-performance stochastic scaled boundary finite-element framework for safety assessment of structures susceptible to fracture; ARC Discovery (DP130102934); 2013-2015: $330,000
  • CM Song, W Gao, W Becker; Non-deterministic fracture analysis of structures by extending the scaled boundary finite-element method; ARC Discovery (DP1094451); 2010-2012: $420,000
  • N Zhang, W Gao; Quantitative analysis of dynamic performance of vehicles with uncertain system parameters and road inputs; ARC Discovery (DP0988429); 2009-2011: $180,000

Research Projects for Future PhD Students

  • AI and machine learning based structural analysis and design
  • Integrated stochastic CAD/CAE framework
  • Smart, sustainable and resilient structural design
  • Data-driven structural reliability assessment and service-life prediction
  • Stochastic static/dynamic elasto-plastic nonlinear analysis of large/complex structures
  • Stochastic analysis and robust safety design of composite structures
  • Vehicle-bridge and train-rail-sleeper--foundation-tunnel coupled system
  • Durability and safety of nano-enhanced building materials