Prerequisite table

Course Prerequisite Assumed Knowledge
CVEN1300: Engineering Mechanics for Civil Engineers PHYS1121* + MATH1131*  
CVEN1701: Environmental Principles and Systems None  
CVEN2002: Engineering Computations for Civil Engineers MATH1231* or MATH1241  
CVEN2101: Engineering Construction None  
CVEN2301: Mechanics of Solids None Corequisite: CVEN1300*
CVEN2303: Structural Analysis and Modelling CVEN1300 and CVEN2301  
CVEN2401: Sustainable Transport & Highway Engineering None  
CVEN2402: Transport Engineering & Environmental Sustainability None  
CVEN2501: Principles of Water Engineering None CVEN1300*
CVEN2701: Water and Atmospheric Chemistry CHEM1011* or CHEM1031  
CVEN2702: Engineering Computations for Environmental Engineers MATH1231* or MATH1241  
CVEN3031: Civil Engineering Practice None  
CVEN3101: Engineering Operations and Control None  
CVEN3202: Soil Mechanics None  
CVEN3203: Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology CVEN2201 or CVEN3202  
CVEN3501: Water Resources Engineering None  
CVEN3303: Steel Structures CVEN1300 and CVEN2301  
CVEN3304: Concrete Structures CVEN1300 and CVEN2301  
CVEN3502: Water and Wastewater Engineering CVEN2501 MATS1101
CVEN3701: Environmental Frameworks, Law and Economics CVEN1701 or School consent  
CVEN3702: Solid Wastes and Contaminant Transport None  
CVEN3731: Environmental Engineering Practice None  
CVEN4002: Design Practice A 132UOC completed  
CVEN4003: Design Practice B 132UOC completed  
CVEN4030: Honours Thesis A 132UOC + WAM > 63  
CVEN4031: Honours Thesis B CVEN4030  
CVEN4032: Higher Honours Thesis A 132UOC + WAM > 80  
CVEN4033: Higher Honours Thesis B CVEN4032  
CVEN4040: Research Thesis A 132UOC + WAM >70  
CVEN4041: Research Thesis B CVEN4040  
CVEN4050: Thesis A 132UOC  
CVEN4051: Thesis B CVEN4050  
CVEN4101: Problem Solving for Engineers CVEN3101  
CVEN4102: Operations and Projects CVEN3101  
CVEN4103: Engineering Contracts CVEN3101  
CVEN4104: Sustainability in Construction CVEN3101  
CVEN4106: Construction Practicum CVEN2101 + CVEN3101  
CVEN4201: Rock and Slope Engineering CVEN3202 + CVEN3203  
CVEN4202: Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering CVEN3202 + CVEN3203  
CVEN4203: Geomechanics CVEN3202 + CVEN3203  
CVEN4204: Ground Improvement and Monitoring Techniques CVEN3202 + CVEN3203  
CVEN4301: Advanced Concrete Structures CVEN2303 + CVEN3304  
CVEN4308: Structural Dynamics CVEN2002* +  CVEN2303  
CVEN4309: Sustainable Timber Engineering CVEN2301 + CVEN2303  
CVEN4310: Deformation Monitoring Surveys GMAT1110  
CVEN4402: Transport Systems – Part 1: Network Analysis CVEN2401 or CVEN2402  
CVEN4404: Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering CVEN2401 or CVEN2402  
CVEN4503: Groundwater Resource Investigation CVEN3501  
CVEN4504: Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment CVEN3502  
CVEN4505: River Engineering CVEN2501 + CVEN3502  
CVEN4507: Advanced Water Engineering CVEN2501 + CVEN3501 + CVEN3502  
CVEN4701: Planning Sustainable Infrastructure School consent  
CVEN4703: Advanced Water Quality Principles CVEN3502  
CVEN4901: Special Project School Consent  
GMAT1110: Surveying and GIS None  
GMAT1400: Land Resource Assessment None  
GMAT2120: Surveying and Geospatial Technology GMAT1110  
GMAT2500: Surveying Computations A GMAT1110  
GMAT2550: Surveying Computations B MATH1231  
GMAT2700: Foundations of Geodesy & Geospatial Ref Frames GMAT1110  
GMAT3100: Surveying Applications GMAT2120 AND GMAT2550  
GMAT3150: Field Projects GMAT2500 AND GMAT2550  
GMAT3210: Geoformation Science None  
GMAT3220: Geospatial Information Systems GMAT1110  
GMAT3420: Cadastral Surveying and Land Law GMAT2500  
GMAT3500: Remote Sensing + Photogrammetry None  
GMAT3600: Earth Observation Systems & Applications None  
GMAT3700: Geodetic Positioning and applications GMAT2700 AND GMAT2550  
GMAT4010: Undergraduate Thesis A 132UOC complete  
GMAT4015: Undergraduate Thesis B GMAT4010  
GMAT4150: Field Projects 2 GMAT3150  
GMAT4220: Geospatial Information Science GMAT3220  
GMAT4400 Land Management and Development Project 1 GMAT2500  
GMAT4720: Survey Business Management None