Industrial Training

Industrial Training

What is Industrial Training?

All students doing a Bachelor of Engineering or a Master of Engineering by coursework are required to complete Industrial Training (IT) as part of their degrees. This requirement comes from the Engineers Australia criteria for accrediting professional engineering education programs which “strongly advocates that all engineering schools include a minimum of 60 days of” “first-hand experience in an engineering-practice environment, outside the educational institution.”  

Industrial Training is essential for students to develop the practical skills that they will need to be effective professional engineers. This is an opportunity to enhance your technical learning with experience outside the class room environment.

Industrial Training is also a great way for civil engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and geospatial engineering companies to assess your enthusiasm and ‘fit’ for future employment at their workplace.

All UNSW Engineering students must undertake 60 days of Industrial Training working in an engineering company, usually during summer recesses at the end of their second and third years. It is allowed to add shorter periods of training with the same or different employers to reach the required number of days.


Please contact for any questions regarding Industrial Training, and look at the Engineering Faculty's Industrial Training information page.

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