School WAM calculation

Award of Class of Honours – Honours Programs

All students who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) award. In addition, those students who complete the program with an appropriate performance level through the program will receive an award with a Class of Honours. This class is based on the honours weighted average mark (Honours WAM) calculated for each candidate and on the mark awarded for the thesis project component.*

  • Class 1: Honours WAM of at least 80 and thesis course mark of at least 65
  • Class 2 Division 1: Honours WAM of at least 75 and thesis course mark of at least 65
  • Class 2 Division 2: Honours WAM of at least 65 and thesis course mark of at least 65

 * NOTE: The thesis project component is weighted as at least a 12 UOC Level 4 course and the average grade is that obtained for Thesis A and Thesis B or the final grade for Research Thesis B.

Honours WAM

Courses will be weighted according to the following:

General Education

Level 1 Courses

Level 2 Courses

Level 3 Courses

Level 4 Courses






This overall Faculty WAM will not be the same as the overall WAM shown on your academic transcript on myUNSW, because on myUNSW the courses are all assigned a weighting of 1.

For combined degrees, only the courses which count towards the Bachelor of Engineering degree are included in the Faculty WAM calculation.

In the event of failure(s) in a course, the first mark obtained is used in the WAM calculation, with a limit of two failures in any one core course.

As an example, a Faculty WAM of 78 with a thesis mark of 63 would not be awarded a grade of honours, because the thesis mark is less than the minimum of 65 for the award of a grade of honours. However, the testamur on graduation would show the degree as Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), with no grade shown.

More information:

Courses used in honours WAM calculation

Generally results for all courses undertaken as part of the BE degree are included in WAM calculations, but courses taken as part of another degree in a joint or combined-degree program are not included. Specifically, the rules are:

  • Include:

- Internal advanced standing courses,

- Internal substituted courses, and

- External (exchange) thesis provided it is assessed internally.

  • Exclude:

- Any additional courses

- Externally assessed courses either prior to or during enrolment at UNSW, whether cross-institutional, exchange, transfer or advanced standing, and

- SY and NF courses

  • Count:

- First attempt returning a numerical mark only, and

- Elective requirements in time order up to total requirement.

- Honours WAM to be calculated to one decimal place

The University Medal

The University Medal is the highest honour for undergraduate students at graduation. If you attain an overall Faculty WAM of ≥85 with a thesis mark of ≥65 and no failure in any course, then you are eligible to be considered for the award of the University Medal, which is awarded to the student with the highest overall Faculty WAM ≥85 in each stream in the School.