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CEVSOC is the student society for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is the social hub for students enrolled in Civil or Environmental Courses (CVEN), we run events throughout the year such as:

  • Industry Sponsored BBQs and Pizza Nights (A GREAT way to meet companies)
  • Annual Staff v Students Sporting Match (A chance to get your own back!)
  • Spectacular Harbour Cruise in Semester One
  • First Year and Third Year weekend camps
  • Legendary Fourth Year Dinner in Semester Two – Celebrating the achievements of our members

If you’re one of the two odd thousand people that call the Civil and Environmental Building your home, then you’re immediately a member of CEVSOC – the largest School of Engineering Student Society at UNSW.
And what is definitely a case of bigger is better, CEVSOC runs a spread of events throughout the year set towards giving you the most fulfilling University experience possible. Our events tend to run at lunchtime (the BBQs) and in the evening (pizza nights) on important dates during semester such as Oktoberfest and the Cardno Cup.

Like many societies we run barbeques and pizza nights, but unlike many societies we also ensure that these Gold class events are free for our members – and will always be free. What really makes these events special is the participation from industry, where we organize representatives from leading companies to attend to give them and you the chance to meet and discuss holiday, cadet and graduate opportunities (Think like the careers fairs, but in a more comfortable setting).

CEVSOC Harbour Cruise Our most popular events of the year are the CEVSOC Harbour Cruise, during semester one, when we pack a boat full of 250 (manically costumed) students and take to the high seas in a night of spectacular revelry. This contrasts our semester two event, the Fourth Year dinner, which invites the Industry Partners of the school to recognize the achievements of our Fourth Year students towards their chosen specialties.

CEVSOC runs First Year and Third year Camps.First Year is the perfect way for new students to get introduced each other and gain a crash course in University Life.

Contact us on Facebook, or by email at CEVSOC@gmail.com.

To Contact CEVSOC:
Email: CEVSOC@gmail.com
Address: Civil and Environmental Engineering Building, G4 (drop by and have a chat!)

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