High school students

So it’s time to make up your mind about your future. Not easy is it? At your age it doesn’t seem fair to have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. The best bit of information we can give you is to do something you love right from the start. If you do that you’ll be well on the way to a fulfilling and challenging career.

You’re at this page so we will assume you are thinking about Engineering? Great! Did you know that the UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is the largest in the country. Not only that, we have an awesome program packed full of classroom-based activities, field trips, industry work experience, and even overseas exchange opportunities (oh yeah, and heaps of study)!

If you don’t love Engineering after all that, we should also mention our great lecturers, mad scientists (researchers) in the laboratories, bits of equipment that smash up rocks, our 3D cinema and tonnes of other students like you just waiting to make new friends (and student clubs especially to help that along). Sold yet?