Research scholarships

Scholarships and their conditions, (including value and availability) may vary from what is stated here, depending on available funding. UNSW reserves the right, in any particular year, to not offer some scholarships as described, or to not offer scholarships at all.

Specific research project scholarships for higher degree students

PhD Position in Sustainability Assessment of Cities

A PhD position is available within the Sustainability Assessment Program at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney. The topic of the research is to create a quantitative modelling framework for assessing the absolute sustainability of cities by combining global multi-region input-output (MRIO) analysis with the ‘safe and just space’ (SJS) concept for human development. The model will allow assessment of the full supply chain environmental and social impacts of urban economic activities against biophysical planetary limits as well as social foundation thresholds defined in the literature. The project will advance sustainability science methodology and will greatly benefit worldwide initiatives for urban sustainability. Case studies on Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) will assess where interventions can be most practically, realistically and effectively implemented.

Applications are invited from candidates with a strong tertiary qualification in sustainability assessment, industrial ecology, ecological economics, environmental science, environmental/sustainable engineering or related fields. Applicants are expected to have 1st class Honours (or equivalent ranking) in a suitable undergraduate degree and a top-ten grade in relevant postgraduate degrees.

Candidates with a working background in environmental footprinting, input-output analysis, life cycle assessment, urban metabolism, integrated assessment modelling or similar fields are particularly encouraged to apply. Candidates with a background in applied mathematics, computer science and engineering, or who developed good data and computational skills and are interested in sustainability, will also be considered

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