Profile - Ajay Raj Adhikari

Ajay-Raj-AdhikariPostgraduate Coursework
Masters of Engineering Science in Geotechnical Eng & Eng Geology
International student from Nepal

After working for five years as a geotechnical engineer, I wanted to know more about how to address geotechnical problems in civil construction. So I decided to further my study in soil and rock mechanics to help me keep pace with the new technologies and developments in the field.

With so many universities offering general courses in geotechnical engineering, I found the perfect balance of ground improvement methods including basic soil mechanics, rock engineering and advanced foundation engineering at UNSW.

As human civilization grows and demands more and more space, advances in geotechnical engineering are becoming even more crucial. I‘ve learned thatany type of land can be made suitable for the targeted purpose using the latest ground improvement techniques.

My chosen research area is unsaturated soil. I am working with a team at UNSW who are pioneering the research in this area. Unsaturated soil has bearing capacity many times higher than saturated soil, which makes it a really useful way to reduce the cost of structures.

Although the subject matter is very complex, the lecturers and tutors are extremely helpful and willing to tailor lectures to individual classes to meet different interests or give examples from different countries and situations.

Not long after I started my study journey at UNSW, I returned to my home country (Nepal) in the mid-semester break. Unfortunately this was the time when the 7.8 Richter scale earthquakes occurred causing huge loss of life and property. I was very lucky to survive. The immediate concern and support shown by my lecturers and fellow students at UNSW surprised me. When I accessed internet, there were many emails asking about my family’s situation in Nepal. I realised I had made the right choice to study at UNSW.

This support continued when I returned to Australia. Although I was suffering post-traumatic stress, with the cooperation and support from friends and lecturers, and through counselling from UNSW CAPS, I was able to get back on track and continue my study.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if want to be a master of modern geotechnical engineering then UNSW is the best place to follow your dreams. UNSW has given me the confidence to be a professional geotechnical engineer in any corner of the world. I hope to use this confidence to help build my own nation to be economically strong and durable.