Profile - Christina Lindop

Christina Lindop Undergraduate
Bachelor of Engineering in Surveying

I started doing flexible first year and had done some bits of work experience with a local surveyor. I loved maths and the outdoors and surveying fulfilled both of those things for me. The course, I believe, is one that does not ‘pigeon-hole’ you into any one career. There are many specialities within surveying and the spatial industry which are very exciting.

UNSW has a great reputation everywhere – not only that, but it has a great feel. I came to Open Day in Year 12 and everyone we talked to was so helpful and enthusiastic about their respective fields.

I most enjoy learning about the space technologies that help to determine the Earth’s shape and geo-id.  At a more personal level, it’s pretty amazing how much is going on out there (and above us) at all times to give us location and navigation in apps that most of us use every single day. I also really enjoy the practical side of things when we get to use the instruments and mimic real-life survey tasks.

I really enjoyed a visit to Geoscience Australia in Canberra. It made me appreciate how important Australia’s spatial industry is on a global scale and how we can be a part of that.

The most challenging aspect of the course is how overwhelmingly extensive and complicated some concepts are. We only just manage to scratch the surface with many things, so it can be a little stressful to know how much we don’t know.

The School is a great, collaborative group of people. The staff and students are a great community and there’s always someone who can help put you in the right direction if you need some guidance.