Profile - Duc Tran

Duc TranUndergraduate
Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

I chose civil engineering as my major because of my strong passion for structural design. Moreover, this is the career path that will allow me to use my passion for solving the most complex problems to help transform the future for the better.

The main reason I decided to study at the UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is because of its strong reputation not only in Australia, but globally. I believed studying at this School will give me a great opportunity to achieve my goal to become an influential civil engineer in the future.

After three years at university, I have found that civil engineering is a very broad major where you can learn a lot of interesting things in different disciplines. Throughout each year, I have realised that all the different courses I have done are strongly connected and are helping me to build my engineering skills to solve real world problems.

During my degree I have not only learned theoretical subjects like maths and sciences, but I have also had to get involved with practical courses. One of the subjects that I find interesting and inspiring is Engineering Practice where we had to work on a real engineering project as a group. This is the subject where I had to use all my knowledge acquired from different disciplines in previous years, along with my engineering skills, to come up with the most innovative solution to the projects. From this I have gained more practical experience and know how to solve problems effectively as a team.

At UNSW, I also have a chance to get involved with the most cutting-edge knowledge. I successfully applied for the Elite Students Research Scholarship which has gave me the opportunity to work on real research topics in the field of structural engineering. The program was really challenging which has pushed my knowledge to the limit and further fuelled my interest for structural engineering.

For me, university life is more than studying. I often get involved with other social activities which are organised by the Civil Engineering student society (CEVSOC). These can be a social sport day, or a formal networking event to help undergraduate students with their industrial training experiences. These activities are a good break for me from study and a great chance to know more people and extend my social network.