Profile - Eloho-oghene Blessing Evezi

Eloho-oghene Blessing EveziPostgraduate Coursework
Masters of Engineering Science (Extension) in Petroleum Engineering
Blessing has done a course - CVEN9888 Environmental Management with our School

I have always had a love of physical and earth sciences. My uncles studied engineering and talked about how much they enjoyed their work. On top of that I wanted to be unique. Where I come from there aren’t many female engineers, so I saw being a woman studying engineering to be an advantage.

When I was deciding on my bachelor degree I found it really hard to decide between geology and petroleum engineering. In the end petroleum won. However I have always approached it from an environmental perspective. When the opportunity to do my masters came up, I decided I wanted to incorporate environmental engineering into my study.

Environmental engineers try to protect the environment by looking at how projects are designed and trying to minimise the impact they have on soil, water and air. That is something I’m very passionate about.

Ever since I was a child I have strived to have and be the best, so I chose UNSW because of its high ranking and international reputation in engineering. I read very good reports from alumni and was intrigued by the diversity of extracurricular and mind-building activities available alongside learning.

As an international student, facing challenges and overcoming them is a great achievement. At first it was quite tough to be here because I had no family and friends, and the course content was very challenging. Gradually I began to meet likeminded people and developed a network of friends who helped me settle into the new environment. Plus putting some extra time and effort into study helped me to understand the concepts.

I have learnt a lot of interesting things in my time at UNSW and not just from the study. I’ve also participated in various school events like careers week, the professional development program, student societies and volunteering at the stationery reuse centre. All these things have helped to improve my communication and interpersonal skills and introduced me to how things are done in the Australian workplace.

Choosing to come to Australia was a great decision. The weather is mild and conducive for studying, there are beautiful beaches and plenty of other sightseeing, plus an amazing cultural diversity so I have the opportunity to meet people from almost every part of the world. The extended UNSW community makes everyone feel welcome and at ease no matter where you come from.

When I finish my degree I want to keep developing myself and exploring my entrepreneurial side – whether that’s through going back to my home country and making a positive contribution to the oil and gas sector there or trying to get a relevant job here in Australia.