Profile - Rong Li

Rong LiPostgraduate Coursework
Masters of Engineering Science in Environmental Engineering
International student from China

As environmental issues become more and more prominent around the world, the field of Environmental Engineering is becoming increasingly important to both government and private industry alike.

I decided to pursue a Masters in Environmental Engineering to gain a fundamental understanding of the issues that affect the environment and to investigate better ways to address these problems using practical tools.

Choosing where to study was the easy part. UNSW is one of the top 50 universities in the word and is especially well-known for engineering. That means studying here I can benefit from the latest knowledge and most innovative methods delivered by lecturers and professors who are the leaders in their fields.

The university provides a great atmosphere for doing academic research. I have had the opportunity to meet and do projects with some internationally known professors in the field of Environmental Engineering. The academics here are all very approachable and take the time to share ideas and answer questions, no matter how trivial.

UNSW also provides a great forum to meet likeminded people with the same passions and aspirations as I have. Although the study can be really challenging, especially for international students, the University has first-class facilities and high education standards so it is really worth the effort.

The hard part about being an international student is losing your support network. After just one semester at UNSW I started to form friendships through lectures and tutorials, and working on group assignments which not only helps me build a professional network, but is also good preparation for working in teams after graduation. There are also seminars each month where we discuss cutting edge problems and have the opportunity to network and build our professional knowledge, confidence and independence.

It is an amazing experience to study here in UNSW. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you are passionate about your field and willing to work very hard there are many opportunities waiting for you at UNSW.