Profile - Sergey Tsarev

Sergey Tasarev

PhD Candidate
Environmental Engineering

My field of research is the biogeochemistry of uranium and its removal from contaminated groundwater sources. Today the depletion of fossil fuels is a question of decades and nuclear energy certainly has the potential to become a main source of energy. The nuclear fuel now is uranium, that’s why it’s important to control uranium pollution.

This project requires lots of field work and travelling and it can be good or bad depending on your preferences. For instance, I had a big trip to remote communities in the Northern Territory, to collect natural samples with uranium. I use synchrotron radiation to determine the state of the contaminant in the samples and the synchrotron is in Melbourne.

I believe that questions of environment and energy together are the most important now, and that’s why CVEN UNSW is exactly where I want to do my research. This is the only place I could do this research with its radiation lab and strong connections with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

The best thing about being a student at UNSW are the heaps of resources and help that you can get. It is possible to get almost everything I need for my research and that is really cool.

The challenging part I think is that science now is very competitive. You always compete with other research groups that can be doing the same thing as you. And it’s a race who publishes first. You can’t just solve a problem, you need to solve it with a new method or achieve better results.

Summing up I can say that if you want to do research, UNSW is great place to start and I’m very happy that I am here.