Alumni profile - Andrew Johnson

Andrew JohnsonBE Hons ’95
Principal, Sydney Buildings Design Group 1, Arup

School memories: Ray Lawther’s classes were always entertaining…… and whilst (from my perspective!) I didn’t always understand his lectures at the time, I found myself afterwards - in exams and the early years of my professional career - having moments when the light switched on or the penny dropped. Thanks Ray! Ian Gilbert for his knowledge and tireless effort to improve the design of concrete structures. Skipping lectures and tutes to get to the Village Green for cricket training – a small price for a learning-life balance…..

Career rewards: It is an exciting and important time to be an engineer. The associated impacts from climate change and population growth - such as sufficient food and water supply, and necessary changes to the built environment and the way we live today - will require creative and innovative solutions from both today’s and tomorrow’s engineers. The most rewarding moments are always seeing designs realised – in particular those where problems have been solved creatively, collaboratively, and functionally. The most challenging is to maintain the mindset and environment to realise continual innovation and creativity.