Alumni profile - David Carolan

David CarolanBE Hons ’81, MEngSc ’89
Director, Taylor Thomson Whitting

School memories: Fellow students bonding through working together as teams to complete assignments. Lecturers Ken Faulkes (clear thinking on concrete design and enthusiasm for it); Alex Heaney (how he quizzed us on the shapes of bending moment diagrams and deflected shapes); Ray Lawther (laid back analysis wiz with a cool MG); Peter Kneen (who supervised my Masters project on the analysis of cable structures). Being told in first lecture in Statics that ‘this was the culling subject and 50% of you would fail’. Least liked - statistics lectures. Sneaked off to the Blockhouse and applied my physics & dynamics skills on the snooker table.

UNSW was good at teaching us how to think; how to problem solve which I think is much more important for a uni than just delivering content.

Career rewards: Starting my firm’s first overseas office (in Jakarta) where I caught up again with School lecturers Vir Murti and Peter Kneen. Continuing relationships, personal &
professional, that came from that time overseas. Working with a creative team that turns a sketch on a page into a building. Seeing the fruits of my labour in concrete (literally). I feel very fortunate to still be working in a job where I ‘do’ engineering every day.