Alumni profile - Elise McKenna

Elise McKennaBE Surveying and Spatial Information Systems 2009
Hyder Consulting - GIS Analyst

I chose UNSW because of its reputation, especially in engineering. However, the range of programs and assistance provided to new students also made me feel comfortable and at ease with my transition to university.

Spatial information is a field that is industry independent, which means the opportunities are endless. I have always loved to play with technology and this degree also combined my love of maths and the outdoors.

The Surveying and Spatial Information Systems program offered a good mix of theory and practical experience and provided a well-rounded education. Also the strong connection with industry allowed me to hit the ground running once I had completed my degree.

Studying at UNSW not only built the foundations of my technical knowledge, but also developed my problem-solving skills, so that I am able to think outside the box and provide balanced solutions to the challenges I face.

Since graduating, I have been working as a geoinformation systems (GIS) analyst with Hyder Consulting, a multinational engineering design consultancy company. This work includes creating and maintaining online mapping and communication systems so that project teams are able to work in a collaborative and coordinated environment.