Alumni profile - Ian McIntyre

Ian McIntyreIan McIntyre, Chair, CVEN Industry Advisory Committee  
BE Hons 1 ’74

Principal and Service Lead, Contractual Services, Advisian

School Memories: I have always felt a debt to David Howell for the General Systems Thinking perspective that I have utilised to good effect ever since. The ability to use the General Systems paradigm to structure a sensible formulation of new fields, issues and problems has been a recurring theme throughout my career. I also clearly remember the ease with which Professor Valentine made the study of Hydraulics simple and straightforward and I have sought to emulate his explanatory ability ever since.

Career Rewards: I have never regretted my choice of Civil Engineering as a career. I was the third person in Evans & Peck (now Advisian) and I have found its development and maturing over the years to be very satisfying, particularly in regard to the high calibre of people we have attracted into the business, especially the excellent and bright “twenty somethings” who will lead the organisation in the future. Individuals can achieve little except as part of teams and I have found the membership and leadership of project teams that genuinely operate as integrated teams to be very rewarding and satisfying. Engineering is, above all else, a people business.