Alumni profile - Jamie Ruprecht

Jamie RuprechtBE Civil Hons 2009
Project Engineer
Water Research Laboratory, UNSW Water Research Centre

WRL is a leading international consulting and research laboratory and is a major group within UNSW Australia's Water Research Centre. WRL is unique in housing academic staff alongside a commercial Projects Team. The Projects Team offer commercial services of expert advice to industry and government, while the academic staff carry out research programs and
supervise postgraduate students.

My job today

Since I began at the WRL I have worked in a variety of areas within the water discipline including: physical and numerical modelling, contaminate fate and transport (tracer) studies, estuarine and wetland projects and groundwater quality and monitoring programs. All of the work that I do at the
UNSW Water Research Laboratory is exciting. The Lab is considered the birthplace of coastal engineering in Australia with a highly regarded international reputation in the fields of coastal and ocean engineering.

Why I chose my degree

I first heard about the UNSW Civil program through my Physics teacher in high school and he encouraged me to pursue a career in engineering. UNSW Engineering has a steadfast reputation as being the best in the business and also offered a coastal focus which was one of my interests. I was also offered a 4-year scholarship to study civil engineering at UNSW. Also a BE (civil) degree at UNSW is a good platform to begin a career in engineering particularly when one considers the industry partnerships the Faculty maintains.

The BE civil engineering program provides substantial variety in the courses offered over the five discipline areas – construction and management, geotechnical, structural, transport, and water
engineering - to undergraduate students which gives them the opportunity to find their personal strengths, weaknesses and interests. The high calibre of teaching staff within the faculty not
only provide students with the tools for learning but are also readily available to mentor individual students throughout the degree so that they are ready to face whatever "real-world" challenges come their way in the future.

My advice to prospective students

All I can say is that you will not look back after completing a BE (civil) degree at UNSW. I haven't. If you are dedicated to achieving the goal to become eminent in the field of civil engineering then this program will provide you with the tools and stepping stones in order to do so. Jump in, do the work, but enjoy yourself along the way!