Alumni profile - Kourosh Kayvani

Kourosh KayvaniMEngSc 1992, PhD 1997
Building Structures Leader & Head of Innovation, Aurecon

Why civil engineering: As a young boy I looked up to my two successful Civil Engineer uncles as role models. That led to me finishing a BSc in Civil Engineering at Tehran University. I developed a strong interest in structural engineering which led me to complete my postgraduate degrees at UNSW as an overseas student. I chose UNSW for the reputation of its academic staff and its diverse research programme. Living in Sydney turned out to be even better than I expected.

Clearest memories of School days: Amongst other things, I recall the supportive academic staff (Dr Ray Lawther, in particular, who was always willing to help with a tricky technical question); conversations with my fellow PhD students that made our studies a less lonely experience; and the view to the south from the sixth level of the Civil Eng building particularly when the planes were landing and taking-off at Sydney Airport in the evening.

Career rewards and challenges: The most rewarding and challenging project of my career has been designing the Arch of Wembley Stadium in London and seeing it get built.

Engineering challenges of the future: Delivering affordable housing and infrastructure to the poorest people on our planet; a sustainable response to the continuing trend of urbanisation in the world; and keeping a long term outlook on infrastructure planning.