Alumni profile - Mehreen Faruqi

A/Prof Mehreen FaruqiMEngSc ’94, PhD ’00
Greens Member Of the NSW Legislative Council

‘Civil Engineers can do anything and everything!’ I can remember my Dad, also a civil engineer, repeating this line quite often.

School memories: I did my post graduate study (Master and PhD) in environmental engineering. We had an amazing cohort of research students from all over the world. The professional and social networks we formed continue to this day. My lecturers, in particular Stephen Moore and Ronnie Harding, are passionate teachers and really inspired me.

Career rewards: I have worked in a variety of organisations including local government, consulting firms and universities. I believe that Engineers today need to take a leading role in delivering current and future human needs, addressing complex environmental challenges such as climate change and ecosystem degradation, while understanding the ‘exquisite interdependence’ of science and technology with business, politics and society. What inspires me most today, are my own students whose diverse views and expertise paves the way for creative and innovative thinking - the only way to lead change.