Alumni profile - Robert Care

Robert CareDr Robert Care, AM
BE Civil (Hons 1) 1973, PhD 1978

Former Principal at Arup Group, Canberra

Awards: Order of Australia AM - Awarded in 2012 for contribution to Engineering, Business, Humanitarian Programs and Athletics
UNSW International Alumni of the Year Award 2013
Professional Engineer of the Year 2014 - Engineers Australia

Why did you choose civil engineering?

I actually wanted to be a high school maths teacher but I was advised to study engineering to keep my career options open. Funny how things work out.

What I enjoyed most was the study, the dedication to an end. What I enjoyed least – Soil mechanics and statistics. I remember looking at the final Soil Mechanics paper with a sinking heart … and then seeing the way out. I bamboozled my way through by trotting out my knowledge of finite differences for a flow net calculation, and ended up with a high mark that I am not sure I deserved.

I will never forget, my PhD supervisors Al Kabaila and Ray Lawther, and Ray’s MGTC, Ken Faulkes and Bob Warner, great lecturers and Stan Hall, a benevolent HoS.

Career Highlights to date: The Wandoo B Full Field development– a project Alliance – the first in Australia: leading the forensic recovery team into the Hatfield Rail crash in Britain in 2000: working as Chief Engineer at the National Capital Development Commission – a great organisation: joining the global Arup Group Board and from 2004 leading Arup Australasia during a great period of our development.

Upon reflection I was at the School for almost eight years, learned a lot, and I graduated with two excellent degrees. I enjoyed myself, made many friends including one group that has met annually for the last thirty something years. A great School, a great reputation, and a lot to be thankful for.