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Founded in 1991 out of the former Department of Computer Science within the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, we are now one of the largest schools of our kind in Australia.

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The ChallENG Program

Choose your ChallENG and change the world


One of the aims of RoboCup is to build bipedal robots that can beat the FIFA World Champions by 2050!

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UNSW WIE Awards support UNSW's wider campaign to attract more female student to a career in engineering.


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Latest news

Scientia Professor Walsh awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship
Scientia Professor Walsh’s work seeks to understand how to build AI systems that humans can trust.
Australia's cybersecurity fragility: just how vulnerable is business?
The announcement of the biggest ever package to fight cyberattacks confirms just how vulnerable Australia's cybersecurity really is to foreign economic espionage
Documentary - Machine: Artificial Intelligence
Professor Walsh helps uncover the story about the true power of AI in an enthralling SBS documentary.

Upcoming events

High School Computing (HS1917)

High School Computing (HS1917)

1 December 2020
UNSW’s High School Computing (HS1917) is a two-part course open to students in years 10,11...
CSESoc CompClub Winter Workshop

CSESoc CompClub Winter Workshop

6 July 2020 to 20 July 2020
UNSW CSESoc CompClub’s upcoming ‘Online Winter Workshops’ start on July 6th for students in years...